The Elite Warriors of the Castra people.

Appearance Edit

They wear grey body suits, with full plate armor. On their back are jet packs and their helmets have T shaped visors and comm pieces on the sides.

History Edit

The Elites of the Castra army, they were first formed to deal with Vandoran raiders and attacks with varying success. They later became a special unit specifically for the Castra in the Alliance.

They undergo rigorous training, to be what they are.

Armaments and Gear Edit


  • Suit/Armor: Bears protection from space, radiation, the plates are ablative armor meant to increase resistance to energy weapons.
  • Blaster Rifles: High powered rifles that fire dense bolts of plasma
  • Blaster Pistols:
    • Plasma Castor: The pistols can combine into a plasma caster, the space age equivalent of a rocket launcher.
  • Jetpack: A standard, they are not suits for long atmospheric flight.

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