A member of the Cyberbot Senate Council.

Appearance Edit

A grey robot, with cylinder shaped arms, a carrel shaped chest and a bucket shaped helmet,

Personality Edit

Cerebrium was a scientist, but also a politician. While very concerned with the future of his people, he was not concerned about the moral issues involved. While keen to maintain the status quo, he is pragmatic to the point that his greed has limits.

While a proud bot, he is not above stooping low to get what he wants or needs, or swallowing his pride.

History Edit

A senate member and Head of the Science Guild, Cerebrium held the age old tradition of monitoring the strength and regularity of energy pulses of the core to detect where Embers and Engen would form on the planet. It was him who first detected that they were weakening and called for action to be taken by the Senate.

During the war he became Dai Apex, and survived the murder attempt by Zen, going into hiding. When the Titans appeared, he allied with their masters and recruited other on both sides to do the same. He formed a new council, with himself at the head.

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