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Xeno Scum is a warship class use by Imperium Of Shining. Especially the Otaku Marine

Dimension Edit

Height: 20 kilometer

Lenght: 100 kilometer

Diameter: 10 kilometer

Armament Edit

Chainsword Pack:

100 x Four Barrel Bigotrium Turret mount internally and pop up when activated

200 x Nano Missile Launching Tube each contain 100 sextillion missile mout on side hull.

Ultra Long Chain Sword use for ship to ship ramming combat nicknamed "Form the Shine"

Feature Edit

Crew: 10000 Otaku Marine and a lot of maid.

Automated Quantum Computer: The thing that actually control the ship

Maid Cafe

Comic Book Shop


Movie Threater

Room with 5-star hotel standard for everyone on the ship.

Gate to Animeland for the recreational need of all Otaku Marine

Extendable grip for Purge The Xeno to hold

Trivia Edit

Yes ... that thing is a warship.

In the grimdarkness of Lord Omniverse. Joining the army is actually not that bad.

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