Chapter 5: Chougoukin War ! Part 1: Mazinger vs Getta Robo

*The scene is L Office. He has been busy creating a song for his national anthem that are too offensive to put on this wiki. *

L: Hey everyone, i remember that our nation doesn't have an anthem.

Battle Convoy: What the hell is a national anthem, can i eat it.

*Facepalm* L: National Anthem is the song that illustrated our nation spirit and viewpoint.

Battle Convoy: If you want to sing then i could let the whole nation hear your voice.

L: *Ahem*, I, the handsome and mighty emperor shall sing the song "Woman Reproductive Organ". This song will offically become our National Anthem.

*The song is too offenssive to display*

*A lenghtly paragraph telling L is a racist ,extremist assh*le*


L: I'm even more gentle than a budha.

L: I only kill like a billion in my life [not his whole life]. That still way too gentle.

L: I'am not a Psychopath okay.

*beat the living crap out of the narrator*

*Another lenghtly paragraph telling L is a gentle being. And praise his offensive song"

[Cure Melody: This piece of garbage is greater than Beethoven. *Vomit*]

[Exkaiser: I call that .... "fanaticism"]

*L goes all over his palace to find his bro, only to stumble upon an alternate dimension contain a 1/144 diorama of the Solar System*

L: What the hell is happening.

*He find his subordinate playing a game call Super Robot Warhammer, where they control the robot of the millitary*.

Exkaiser: We playing a game over here.

Fighbird: Yeah, in this game we will control the robot of various millitary organization in this Earth. We're bored so ... yeah.

L: I have no objection whatsoever. But you need something cooler than that.

*He tell his subordinate about the rule of chogokin war*

---The game begin in Syria---

Mazinger Z drop into the ground


*Mazinger drop into the ground---

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