Chougoukin Taisen is a war between Super Robot conduct between the member of Eleven Emperor against each other for fun. It have no meaning inside it other that giant robot beating the un-living scrap metal out of each other. And selling toy, ofcourse. Suck to be the bystander and Earth Federation army through.

Combatant Edit

Every single giant robot that get a Chogokin release will participate in the war. The list is unknown because i have yet to find a complete list. But those robot will surely participate on.

Mazinger Z

Getter Robo

Super Sentai Mecha

Other than them robot from SD Gundam Series also participate in. Because they're techincally Super Robot.



Transformer Prime

Transformer Movie ... Okay those two are not Vintage

And other vintage toyline you requested.

Interverner Edit

Ofcourse an ideal of giant battling Super Robot was to cool for Earth Federation and Zeon to comprehend so they keep sending those puny Real Robot to interfere. And get there collective butt kick in the process. Those pesky Federation serve to demonstrate how cool Super Robot was. And how even through Real Robot does not suck and by no mean garbage. They are not as cool as any Super Robot.

This storyline will begin in Chapter 5 of the C.V.L Cronicle and end whether i run out of Giant Robot or i could think of another storyline.

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