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Choushin E ! Episode 1: I'm tire of my world history. So i create an alternate one

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Dragon Lord

Bow before the Dragon Lord.

"Would you built a world for yourself when you have the power. Thần Long"

"Ofcourse i will, but if i only have the power. Why did you ask me that. "

"Then i shall grant you the power, my dear friend"

"Friend ? But i just met you"

"We known each other for a very long time, Dragon. You just don't remember it"

"This is Choushin Dragon, the embodiment of your desire. With it power, you can conquer the world and make it bow down to your will,"

"I don't want to conquer the world. I just want to change the past"

"Then shall be it, the moment you gain it power. You become a singularity point. Being that exist outside of time and can change it without the hassle of Multiverse Theory"

"And this is Force Crystal, with it you can fight against your enemy outside of Choushin Dragon."

"B..but why you give me such power. I'm just some random kid on the street"

"I have no friend, no family, no nothing, just a dead-end job, a shoddy aparment. INSIDE A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY"

"The only thing that keep me alive was the entertaiment industry. What make me so special in your eye"

"We're friend isn't it".

Part 1 Edit

---551 BC---

Trivia Edit

Thần Long is Dragon God translated to Vietnamese.

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