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Alternate Form(s): None
Age: N/A
Height: 7ft
Weight: Unknown (heavy)
Home world: N/A
Series: Overkill
Type: Warframe
Family N/A
Affiliation Tenno
Created by Digital Extremes


A Chroma warframe is the protagonist of the story Overkill.



Abilities and WeaponsEdit


  • Element Change: Unusually for a Chroma, this example can swap between energy colors and elements.
    • Spectral Scream: Chroma breathes a blast of elemental energy, which changes depending on the color.
    • Elemental Ward: Chroma creates an area of effect which imbues allies with various energy enhancements depending on the energy element.
  • Vex Armor: When Chroma's shields are damaged, his armor is enhanced.
  • Effigy: Chroma's pelt detaches and becomes a dangerous sentry.


  • Opticor: A large Corpus heat ray.
  • Akjagara: A pair of bladed, dual-barreled pistols.
  • Sancti Magistar: A large mace with healing powers, only given to high-ranking New Loka operatives.

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