The younger brother of Head and Shot, though a year beneath them, Chrome has been quickly accepted into the group and treated like a brother by the others. While not experienced, his is resolute, never running from a fight unless he haves to and while he can't combine with his he is rather strong for his size. Turns into a pickup truck.


Chrome is a bot of average height with a fair buidl. He has black and blue armor and a helmet without a crest. He has retractable goggles and a faceplate when in combat.


Chrome is a cool bot, with a positve attitude, while he is the youngest of the group he refuses to be treated as a child, especially when his brothers worry about him. Oddly enough he is often times the only one who understands Solus' techno babble.


While a young bot, Chrome is a better fighter than his brothers when they are not combined. He has is fast on his feet and does well to remember his basics.

Weapons tech and abilities

  • Plasma Caster: A standard blaster, Chrome can charge up his blast for a larger, longer shot.
  • Path Blaster: Fires molten slugs of Promethium via EM forces. Chrome had Solus upgrade this weapon, giving him greater accuracy and penetrative force.

Weapons tech and Abilities None

Chrome turns into a black pickup truck with blue lines Weapons tech and Abilities

  • Weapons Platform Mode: Chrome's body becomes closer to the ground and more tank like as he uses his robot forms weapons in vehicle mode. He can also move off road better.


  • Vehicle to Robot: Chrome's front collapses inward as his arms pop out fromt he side. The front forms the chest and shoulder armor. The back of the truck split open and morphs into his legs with the rest of the truck become the middle body with the doors becoming waist guards.



  • Chrome is based of a friend of SolZen who in real life is the brother of the friends who inspired Head and Shot.