The governing body of the Chromiums and their Star Empire. It is called the Mechanoid Common Wealth by outsiders. It later became the Chromium Empire.

Policies Edit

The Common Wealth is a strictly non-organic club, with its members all being sentient machines, or mechanoids.

While all Mechaniods are suppose to be equals, privilages are given based on function and stats for each particular Mechanoid, with Chromium almost always being treated better than others.

They are lead by a High Chancellor

History Edit

After the unification wars, the Chromium turned their attentions to the stars, and began experiments in faster than light travel and zero-G dynamics. Eventually they came in contact with their first alien race, another group of Mechanoids. They formed an alliance and the Chromium continued with this until the crossed the Wall and found their first organics, Basiks, who they slaughtered and retreated back to their domain.

The Chromiums then set up space stations along the line of the Wall as a buffer between interactions with organics. They then consolidated their series of Alliances into a common wealth, becoming a sort of Trade Federation, and then a Star Empire.

After the rebellion of Megatronix, the numerous other races separated from the now defunct Common Wealth. They were attacked by the new Chromium Empired and conquered by force, though many resistance cells continued to pop up.

Military Edit

Member Races Edit

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