Clee26 is the strategist of the Atlanta Crew, since calling his names with numbers is too complicated, his fellow crew members call him Clee.

Personality and HobbyEdit

Clee26 is a lonewolf, usually spending his time alone reading history books in order to find out strategies from across time and space. He is usually found drinking Red Bull and eating Brie Cheese. He is usually forgotten by his crew members.

Appearance and AnatomyEdit

A not-so-buff silver robot that wears glasses. While having a transformers body, his body was originally Synthetic and retains several of those parts which allows him to ingest certain forms of organic food and drink without issue.


Originally a librarian, he lost his job when Ebooks were invented, almost putting into the scrap yard, he used those martial art moves that he read from books to bust free and later joined the Atlanta Crew. Originally a Second Born Intellect, Synthetic, he was given a Plasma Heart and a new Transformer body by Hoshi to hide from his previous owners. He is currently on a mission with his fellow crew members in delivering Lord Dao Bao to justice.


  • Energy Spear: He wields a spear capable of firing energy blasts.
  • Dagger: His secondary weapon, used for close range.
  • Book: He usually carries a hologram-projecting book around with him, but what the others don't know is that there is a retractable blade hidden in it. He usually uses it when people disturb his reading times.

Alternate ModesEdit

  • Telescope: He can transform into those astronomy lab telescopes.
  • Smart Car: He can transform into a Smart car.


  • Clee26 only decided to make him a lonewolf when SolZen and the others forgot to put him along with the other Atlanta Crew members.
  • Yes...the Smart Car mode is a pun...
  • He usually likes to hum "We're going on a trip. On our favorite rocket ship. Soaring through the skies."

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