Clericon Exploration Vessel
Ship Type: Exploration
Ship Class: Cruiser
Crew Size: 30~40
Weight: tba
Length: 137m
Wingspan: {{{Wingspan}}}
Height: 35m
Manufacturer: Vandoricons
Armaments: Pulse Rifle Turrets
Railgun Cannons
Propulsion Ion Propulsion
Warp Drive
Utilities Refineries
Affiliation Clericons
Created by SolZen321

The only type of Vandoricon vessel allowed out of Vandoricon Space

Appearance Edit

These cruisers are rather oval in shape with four oval engine pods

History Edit

Imperial sanction mean that Vandoricons, generally cannot leave their home system. However this does not stop the Exploration of the cosmos by their Religious body the Clericons who are guarded by their military, the Senticons.

Due to Predabot activities and other pirates, they are allowed to defend themselves.

Armaments Edit

  • Pulse Rifle Turrets:
  • Rail Gun Cannons:

Propulsion Edit

  • Ion Propulsion:
  • Warp Drive: The ship generally operate as if they are Mass Drives and they are linked with explosives to keep their secret.