The Clericons are the religious figures of Vandoricon society,tasked with overseeing festivals, events etc. Their personal goal is to gather any information on their 'god'.

History Edit

Clericons evolved from the Shamans of Vandoran society, who, while priests, where trained to fight the Vandoran gods, gas/energy beings that once used them as host bodies.

When the Dark One came and the Great Change took place, many Shamans did not know what to do with themselves until the revelation of the Matrix. They have since made it their goal to teach the new generations of their spirituality and history. They have also turned to worshiping this new being and to an extend the Titans, seeing them as the Ultimate forms of Transmetal life.

With the coming of the Empire, Clericons, like other Vandoricons see them as parasite, but the Clericons especially dislike them for their pilfering of Titan corpses for their super weapons. Clericons, as a religious body, are the only Vandoricons allowed out of their home system and serve as explorers while guarded by Senticons.

Attire Edit

Clericons are typically middle or even low class bots, but they wear grey and brown robes made of synthetic materials. The more high ranking members carry staffs that bear lanterns. The highest ranking of them have studs on their shoulders.

At present, most transform into small cars, or spherical drones, for studying.

Duties Edit

  • Historians: The Clericons record the history of their race.
  • Care of the Birthing Pools:The Clericons are responsible for giving each new Spark a body.
  • Researching the Dark One:The Clericons actively search for any information about the being they now worship.

Vessels Edit

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