A device that through the bending of certain light frequencies (and sometimes other forms EM radiation) made a person, area or object invisible to detection.

Nature Edit

  • Type 1: Uses a mild plasma field, to warp light
  • Type 2: Uses a deflector shields to generate the cloak.
  • Type 3: Moves the target out of phase, not into another dimension but so that it is not noticed by others. The most energy draining of all.

Weaknesses Edit

Cloaking Device often render a ship unable to fire or use its shields, due to the massive energy drains they induce on the ship's systems.

Also, while conventional sensors and scanners cannot pierce them, advance methods exist like Graviton Scanning, Tachyon Emitters, and Quantum Sensors.

There is also the problem that the large energy demands, mean that usually, only large ships, cruiser class and above, have the needed energy to generate the cloak.

Examples Edit

  • Ghost Field: A device that moves the target out of phase with normal Universe, rendering intangible and invisible

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