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Mecha Clonning
The art of making a new organism an exact genetic duplicate of a prior organism.

Nature Edit

Organic Edit

The most basic form of cloning involves creating a fetus with the exact same genetic pattern of their donor. More advance cloning devices involve creating a full replica of the donor's body or their organs. With the first case, the subject is their own individual, while in the latter, the subject is usually a brain dead body.

Mechanoid Edit

Mechanoid cloning comes in two forms, CNA (genetic) based and Spark based. With CNA cloning a CNA sample is taken and placed in a solution to create more Mechanical Cells, creating a cloned organism, Spark and all.

With Spark Based cloning, the Spark is extracted and made to split, a similar fashion as to what creates Spark Brothers and both sparks are placed in new bodies. While the second is placed in Protomatter to make a Protoform, the original may be placed back in their original body or a new protoform body. The form of cloning is rather risky and could destroy the spark entirely.

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