"Complacency is death..."

A large man in dark armor, he is considered the Empire's greatest hunter of rebels and other enemies.

Appearance Edit

A tall muscular man, Kaled has dark skin, a scar/tattoo on his left eye and a bald head. His left eye is robotic with a red glow and his remaining eye is blue. Instead of a uniform he is usually found in his black and blue armored battle suit.

Personality Edit

Kaled is intelligent, unlike most Imperial officers, Kaled does not underestimate his opponents, nor does he believe his race dogma/propaganda of being perfect. He is however, completely loyal to Imperial Interests and can always be made to see reason unless ordered to take rash action by an outranking officer. Kaled can also be ruthless at time and has little to no patience for incompetence and arrogance. He is not above putting his own life on the line to get the job done.

Kaled longs to challenge Maxion Prime once again, but is wary of facing the Titan's wrath.

History Edit

Originally an arrogant young cadet, Kaled lost his his friends, and his entire battalion to a rebel ambush. Looking back he realized that the ambush should have been obvious and so began to adopt the personality that would lead him to glory.

It wasn't until his battle with the Last Titan that he truly became the unstoppable force he is currently seen as. In that battle he lost his eye due to the fleet admiral's arrogance who insisted in charge towards the giant believing he would run. Instead Magnus destroyed the Capital Ship himself and went on to massacre the entire fleet. Only a few survived including Kaled who then went on to become the 'hunter of the Empire's Enemies.

Because of his incredible service record and history, he was placed in charge of the Maxion Protocol.

Trivia Edit

  • His name comes from the Kaled, the fachist race who would later spawn the Daleks in Doctor Who.

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