The female commander of

Appearance Edit

Roberta is a tall, defined, amazonian woman normally wearing typically Imperial Uniforms. She has short red hair, tan skin, grey eyes and is almost never seen smiling. Her features are somewhat mannish and she generally has her hands holding behind her back.

Personality Edit

Roberta is rather strict when it comes to the running of her station. She is driven and does not like to loose and makes every effort to hide any sort of femininity which Imperial society views as inappropriate to rule.

History Edit

After the failed attempts at re-conquering the Vandoricons, Roberta was put in charge of blockading the system. Adamant to prove herself, she is stiffiled by her orders to refrain from any offensives, until the war with the Drakons is over. In the meanwhile she has been forced to play diplomat with them, until a peace accord can be reached.

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