Exkaiser and Nozomi Yumehara son, he is a dimensional traveller and member of T.D.G. Compatible Kaiser human name was Kouta Kaiser.

Personality Edit

Kouta is a child at heart who believe what he did ... namely genocide and mass oppression is justice. He doesn't understand why people hate Zen Seibertron Teikoku, and didn't care. Since he genuinely enjoy killing and torturing Xeno.

Kouta getting along very well with his father. Often torturing Xeno, participate in genocide, going out on picnic, studying, watching Anime with him. They spend alot of quality time together due to his father job is being a god. He is smart enough to keep those "quality time" a secret to his mom.

Power And Abilities Edit

Fitting or a Yuusha, Kouta was very strong. Lordion has said that he could destroy the universe everytime

Compatible Kaiser

he want to. And if the day where the Nerf Syndrome problem getting solved. Kouta can destroy the Omniverse, just like the rest of the Yuusha pre-Nerf Syndrome.

OVER KAISER BEAM: Beam from the crest in his forehead.

OVER KAISER SHOT: Crystaline kunai from his arm

KAISER DOUBLE KNUCKLE: Hold his together and do a rocket punch.

OVER KAISER MISSILE: Missile from his wing and ankle

KAISER BOOMERANG: Boomerang form by combining the blade on his shoulder.

KAISER SLICER: Slicing enemy using the blade on his leg.

KAISER CANNON: Duel cannon on shoulder.

KAISER BURST: Breast beam.

KAISER BOMB: Creating two energy bomb with his hand then thrown at the enemy.

KAISER WAVE: Creating an energy tidal wave by punching the groud

KAISER THUNDER: Thrown thunder conjure from his hand at the enemy

FIRE DRAGON: Summon a fire dragon and thrown it at the enemy.

OVER KAISER SWORD: A sword pass on to him by his daddy.

THUNDER FLASH: His dad also teach him Thunder Flash.

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