The Complete Selectable Modifications Suit or CSM Suit for short, is an advanced suit of armour which uses chips to gain different abilities. Inside those chips is, in fact, the modification that the wearer wants to bring to the suit, digitized. They use microtechnology.


The CSM Suits were created at some point in time, it is unknown when due to the fact that some foolishly used these to time-travel and disrupt history.

Prebuilt FeaturesEdit

  • Flight: You can fly in the suit.
  • Colour Change: You can change its colour, anytime you want. Can be used in battle for camouflaging.
  • Communication: Pretty self-explanatory.

Modifications AvailableEdit

These are in the form of chips which contain the data of a modification. They are inserted into a conputer which sends the data to the suit, which in turn, rebuilds itself basef on the selected modification.

  • Armour Durability: Increases how well your armour would withstand attacks. Also increases weight.
    • Helmet Durability: For better head protection
    • Visor Durability: In case you didn't know, the visor is where you see through...
    • Gorget Durability: For neck protection. Supports the helmet, in case it gets too heavy.
    • Breastplate Durability: For your chest.
    • Pauldron Durability: For the shoulders, back, and armpits.
    • Vambrace Durability: For the arm.
    • Gauntlet Durability: For the hands and lower arm.
    • Cuisse Durability: For the thighs.
    • Greave Durability: For the lower legs.
    • Sabaton Durability: For the feet.
  • Light-weight: Decreases armour weight.
  • Speed: Increases armour speed.
  • Flight Speed: Increases armour flight speed.
  • Sight Distance: Increases or decreases sight distance depending on what you want to see.
  • Strength: Increases strength.
  • Self-repair: What do you want me to explain...
  • Life support: For life support.
  • Hacking: To hack into any electronic device.
  • Translation device: To translate any language. Translates what you hear into what language you use most. And translates what you say to the other person's dominant language.
  • Firewall: To prevent hacking. It also applies to the computer linked to the suit.
  • Weapons: You can add any weapon onto the suit.
  • Aimbot: For auto-aiming.
  • Any everyday object: ...What...?
  • Emotion identifier: Just read the damn name!
  • Lie detector: ...You lazy...
  • Time travel: is possible...though the numerous limitations rend it pretty much useless...
  • Teleport: Just deal with it!
  • Maximum Power Capacity: Ugh...fine...increases the maximum power capacity....
  • Energy Consumption: Decreases energy consumption, though the more modifications there are on your armour, the more energy it consumes.
  • Et cetera...


  • The author no longer likes the page after writing it.
  • It was based on the Modular Powersuit from the Minecraft Mod. of the same name.
  • The author will, at some point, use this page in Ultrafan.

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