The bots who construct buildings and roads and other public works, the are the most common middle class of Vandoricon society

Attire Edit

Constructicons are almost always shown with red and yellow strip lines on the edges of their armor, their helmets or both. They usually sport some manner of welding apparatus on their arms. They are similar to the Minercons.

At present they typically transform into mining hover tank shaped vehicles.

Duties Edit

Constructicons build practically everything the Vandoricons use, they build body armor, houses, walls, defense systems etc.

History Edit

Constructicons evolved out of the Vandoran refugees who were put to work building up their new home while the upper class proceeded to hunt.

After the change and the Vandoricons began to reorganize themselves, the Constructicons were made into an official guild to be recognized by the senate. In more recent years their importance has begun to be noticed.

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