Known simply as the Covenant, the Covenant of Fire, is a galactic power in the same Galaxy as the Galactic Pan Species Alliance.

History Edit

First formed by the species now called the 'Prophets', each species which joins forfeits their original name, and takes on a name that tells their function in the Covenant.

They are rivals with the Galactic Pan Species Alliance who have accused the government of being one big cult. A similar view is held by the Planetary Federation and they are being hounded by the Cross Systems Empire.

Their end came with the onslaugh of the Drakon, who devastated their empire. Its member races were saved only by the absorption of its territories by its former rivals, who held back the Drakons. The various races have since become citizens of the other Star Empires.

Member Races Edit

  • Prophets: The founding race and leaders of the Covenant Extinct
  • Soldiers: A reptile bipedal race that serve as such.
  • Grunts: A diminutive race who serve as soldiers and servants.
  • Engineers: A banished race
  • Scientists: An avian race which replaced the Engineers.

Policies Edit

Species are arranged in order of usefulness and given new names. The Prophets are on top, while the Grunts are at the bottom.

The Covenant does and will not accept Alliances, all other races/civilizations/empires must merge with it.

The Covenant races oppose the use of cybernetics.

Military/Starships Edit

  • COF War Cruiser
  • COF Frigate
  • COF Troop Transporter
  • COF Yacht

Tech Level Edit

As a space age race, they have Gravity Drives, blasters, shields,

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