The brute of the academy, transforms into a T-Rex robot.


Cremateous is a red robot who transforms into a red T-Rex robot. In Robot mode he stand upright with his tail split upon behind his back like a sort of crest. His helmet bares a ridge down the middle and his body is mainly the T-Rex form altered such as his T-Rex arms working as shoulder pads for his robot arms.


Cremateous is a thug at heart, getting what he wants by forcing it out of others. He is also ambitious though not as smart as he would think. He believes he can do no wrong and is unbeatable but at heart he is a coward who would run from anything he perceives to be stronger than him


Cremateous is a durable bot who can power the average member of his race, he is however, not as strong as veteran warriors and especially nowhere near strong enough to face a Prime or any bot who can battle one on fair grounds.

Weapons Tech and Abilities

  • Chest Mounted Plasma Burst Cannon: His -T-Rex head morphs into a powerful energy cannon.
  • Photon Ray: Emerging from his arms, these guns can easily knock down the average bot, but they are usually restricted in power output while at the academy. The withheld version can be used a lot but the full power weapon requires recharging after one shot.

Beast Mode

Weapons Tech and Abilities

  • Fire breath: Cremateous can breath out high heat flames from his mouth in T-Rex form
  • Tail: His tail can pierce through the average bot.


  • Beast to Robot: Cremateous' head moved down to his chest, allowing his real head and helmet to come up. His  legs straighten out moving double bend to one bend, his curves, stiffens and splits open to become his back crest. His Rex arms and parts of the chest fold open to become shoulder guards while his robot arms emerge.


A tyrant since he was a Protoform, Cremateous got what he wanted and tormented his meeker brother Venomous. When it came time to choose a form he took the form of a T-Rex which suited his brutish nature, he later forced his brother to take the form of a bug as a constant reminder of his inferiority.

Since coming to the academy he has been an enemy of Solus and his friends due to the refusal to be bullied by him. He once attacked Chrome resulting in a thrashing from Solus of all people who shamed him, causing him to declare vengeance on him.


  • Cremateous is not based on the Original Red Ranger Zord, but his design is borrowed from an artbook on robots.