A cross over series between Super Robot Fanon Wiki and Battle World Wiki.

Premise Edit

The series revolves around characters from both Wiki's coming together to search for the presumed dead Optimus Prime. The episodes will alternate between Wiki. The History of Maxion Prime will also be explored.

Plot Edit

Having been summoned to the battle world Universe, it is discovered that Sara's Regenesis Matrix may be communicating with Optimus' Matrix of Leadership. All the while the question of how and why Sara wound up in their universe may be the deference between a rescue mission and a trap.

Episodes Edit

  • Episode 1: Sara finds herself in another universe in the midst of a Decepticon attack from Optimus' Universe.
  • Episode 2: Traversing into the universe, the group come across the Lunar Ark, an interstellar circus. However things are not as they seem.
  • Episode 3: Sara and friends find themselves transported back to her home universe, to a world rich in magic and whose inhabitants are determined to either destroy her and her Matrix or believe she is some sort of anti-christ.


Characters Edit

Maxion Universe Edit

Battle World Universe:

  • Nathaniel Stride:
  • Raz:
  • Unknown Weekee: The one who transported Sara, their goal is unknown as well as their allegiance.

Villains Edit

  • Megatron: Optimus' rival from their home universe, he and his Decepticons were somehow defeated but were saved by unknown forces, winding up in the Battle World Universe.
  • Nemesis Prime:
  • Pending.

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