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Cyber Area is the realm Of Zen Seibertron Empire, the version of Zen Seibertron Teikoku in the Omniverse of Mahou Shoujo Brave War. It is a collection of five Universe contain only Earth and Planet populate by Cybertronian. This Area is the most powerful and dangerous Area (MSBW) in the setting

Small Area Edit

The Area is split into five small Area. Each contain only one Universe

G1 Area: Transformers in this Area relied mostly on Fire Power to destroy the enemy

Victory Area: Transformers in this Area relied on Special Move to destroy the enemy

Beast Area: Transformer in this Area relied on Melee weapon to destroy the enemy

Micron Area: Transformer in this Area relied on Combination and Powerlinx to destroy the enemy

Brave Area: The area reserve for the Brave Gods and later Precure.

Power Level Compare to Other Area Edit

This area is the most powerful Area, anything come from this Area are immediately on T.S.A.B most dangerous being list.

To invade this Area, the combine force of all Sailor Warrior, Symphogear User, HIME, Rune Knight ... after they has been upgraded to Multiversals level.

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