The peaceful Mechanoids which the crew of the Atlanta call their race.

Code and Culture Edit

The Cyberbots are similar to the Federation from Star Trek. They are a peaceful race of explorers seeking to build camaraderie. This alliances of races, mechanical and organic is called the Commonwealth of Free Species. However most refer to it as the Cyberbot Commonwealth due to their prominence within it.

The overall Commonwealth is lead by an elected Chancellor, the Cyberbots are lead by their Supreme who runs the military as well.

They follow a Prime Directive, which demands limited to non interaction with pre-FTL civilizations.

Nucleon, Hyper Matter, Subspace Matter and anything that contains them are considered controlled substances.

While the 'main' Cyberbots are Spark based robotic life forms, the Commonwealth is a menagerie of other mechaniods, from Super A.I., to Mechanical Cell based life forms, and Second-Born Intellects. It is because of this and the merger of such different cultures that Cyberbots tend to have radically different names from each other (some of which sound like internet user names...).

Ranking Edit

When a Cyberbot is given a rank, they are granted a suffix added to their name. Most tend to not bother using them.

  • Primarch: Non functional.
  • Supreme: Literally the Supreme Commander. The full title is Supreme Magnus, but most just use Supreme so as to not sound so pretentious.
  • Magnus: Under Supreme, they are the equivalent to Admirals.
  • Prime: High ranking captains.
  • Major: Usually captains of ships
  • Minor: A low ranking commanding officer
  • EX: Usually second-in-command to a Minor

Technology Edit

Cyberbots are an advance race of mechanoids, with transforming bodies. They have Sparks and bodies designed to transform.

They have other technology such as Teleportation, Warp Gates, and Quantum Drive, and their weapons tech is nothing to laugh at. They are more than capable of building a weapon that can blow up a planet.

Cyberbots are also capable of transferring minds between bodies.

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