Leader of the Cyberbots, they lead the battle against the evil Destroids.

Nature Edit

The rank is given from military standing, the most respected among the Cyberbots Commanders is chosen to be the new Supreme Commander. Though not always, the Supreme Commander is almost always the strongest fighter. The rank can also be passed on by leaders who decide to retire.

Holders of the Rank Edit

  • Magnus Supreme: First known holder of the rank
  • Hyperion Supreme:
  • Empyrion Supreme:
  • Clarion Supreme: Considered to have betrayed the spirit of his predecessors, was a tyrant. Killed by the rebels who would go one to be the first Destroids
  • Nemesis Supreme: Followed Clarion's Example. Was killed by his successor.
  • Thanatos Supreme: Was outed and departed to regions unknown
  • Victorious Supreme: Current Holder of the rank.


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