One of the two factions of Super Robots fighting in the third Galactic Robot War.

Appearance Edit

The average Cyberbot warrior often has cubic armor, and triangular shields on their chests, they tend to have circular shields on their elbows and the side of their knees as well.

Ideology and Culture Edit

The Cyberbots evolved from Super Robots used as protectors and guards by an ancient organic race.

The Cyberbots strive for a world of peace and justice, their society is one of deep thought. They have a rich culture, being the hosts of the Pan Galactic Games and often have alliances with the more peaceful races of the galaxy who are part of the Cyberbot Commonwealth. They are routinely at odds with the Destroids who seek to conquer the universe.

In terms of technology, they are deep into the Space Age, and often use massive Warp Gates to travel across the universe. They have powerful shield generators and typically use directed energy weapons.

Cyberbots often do not kill their prisoners, usually sealing them away, in cells or the Null Zone, a subspace prison.

Members Edit

Commanders Edit

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