The replacement race of the Chromiums. A race of Mechanoids

History Edit

After the fall of the Chromium Empire, the Cyberbots arose thanks to the machinations of the ancients. For whatever reason, they were deemed failures and left to their own devices. Over the centuries that followed they turned their world into on giant city state, powered by the Engen from the energy pulses from the planet's core. However not at all was right in this world.

The Cyberbots were plagued with the same issues that affected the Chromiums, social segregation and economic inequality which gave birth to the Destroids. These issues came to the forefront when it was realized that the energy pulses of the core were slowing down and would eventually stop altogether. While the Destroids claimed that they needed to conquer to survive, the Cyberbots, corrupt as their leaders were, held to the belief that more peaceful means could provide for them.

Slowly but surely the war started and continued, with the Cyberbots loosing their new leader Victorious Supreme allied with alien powers. This had the unintended side effect of launching the conflict across the galaxy, wherein the Cyberbots allied with the Planetary Federation and Galactic Pan Species Alliance. The Destroids however, joined with the Cross System Empire.

After the devastation caused by the Titans, the Cyberbots and Destroids were abandoned by their organic allies and allied to find a way to destroy the Titans. Eventually they were struck a bargain by the ancients, service in exchange for survival. Many on both sides bent the knee, and those that didn't were to be hunted down. Those that served had the Embers changed and given bodies made of Birth Metal, which granted them the power of transformation.

They were wiped out by The Wave.

Known Cyberbots Edit


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