User(s): Various
Nature: The integration of technology into an organic body
Powers: Varies per technology etc
First Appearance: N/A
Status: A staple technology in many universes and cultures.
The process of integrating robotics parts in an organics body. It can sometimes be used to refer to the opposite.


Cybernetics are generally used to replace missing or failing limbs, though sometimes they are used to weaponized an organic. Proper cybernetics generally use a lot of chemically inert metal and materials in their construction, primarily and especially at the areas where flesh and machine meld. The more conventional and stronger metals like Iron, steel etc are used for armor plating.

The very cornerstone of this school of technology is the Neural Interface. Nanites also tend to be very important in this field, although that is also considered a seperate branch of technology.

The term can also refer to the integration of synthetics into a body.

Robotic beings also have their own form of 'Cybernetics' either the integration of organic material, real or synthetic, or simply the principles of organic cybernetics performed on them for repairs and upgrades.