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The Zen Seibertron Teikoku equivalent of Internet. Whom they mostly use it for "you know what is it that i ain't gonna say", Live-Streaming and Toy Reviewing. The most visited site on Cybertron-Net is the Cybertron Facebook.

Troll Edit

However, trolling is a problem that all Cybertron-Net user are facing. The overwhelming number of guy who masqueraded as girl just to screw with people sky-rocketted. Along with it came the campaign call "Breast Plate Or G.T.F.O", where user are demanded to show there breast plate when they are girl. This campaign make girl shy, reduced the number of girl on the Cybertron-Net. Then troll who tell people to kill themselves come along and make thing worse. After such chaotic period, the ZST passed a law everyone who use Cybertron-Net to put their real names on, and that law is enforced by capital punishment.

After the law are pass, the troll vanish. But the art of trolling is still exist. And new being practice by the army.

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