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The home planet of the Transformers, dubbed "Dragon Lair" by the Xeno. Only the most hardcore warrior, or the dumbest dare to attack the place.
400px-Cybertron Primus toy

Characteristic Edit

Cybertron is a planet with diameter ten time bigger than Earth. The planet is created by cyberforming via the Key Of Vector Sigma. Much of the Planet is covered in Durabylium to make it become durable enough to survive the bigbang. Orbiting Cybertron are two moon call Moonbase 1 and 2

Architecture Edit

There is not much to say about the Cybertron Architecture other than the world "boring". Every building look the same with the only color avaiable are metallic silver. Due to that aspect, most Transformers find the planet boring and immigrate to Earth or Cybertron Z. A planet they created, using aspect of both Earth and Cybertron.

Special Feature Edit

However, Cybertron still become one of the most important place to the Transformers due to it ability to Transform into a humanoid fighting machine named "Primus". But Cybertron and Primus are not the same being. In it fighting form, Cybertron using it moon as a melee weapon and various gun placement over it body as ranged weapon. However, the most powerful weapon in it arsenal are the cannon in it torso.

By created a lower-dimensional multiverse filed with xeno using it central Super Computer, then it make that multiverse go boom and compress the explosion into a beam. After that it will shot the beam toward a "Critias Gate" whom will convert the beam from "lower-dimensional" into "even-dimensional" effectively making the beam powerful enough to destroy the Multiverse and Vaporize an "un-combined" Brave Robot while doing moderated damage to the combined one. However, Cybertron will being overheated after using the attack.

The most powerful ability of Cybetron is the ability to combine with other Cybertrons belong to ZST to make a giant badass fighting robot, because .... why not. In the ZST point of view, if they aldreadly found a way to turn their planet into a giant fighting robot, there is no point in not going a step further, by making the planet being able to combine with other universe version of iself to form a bigger badder giant robot.

Also, the symbolic nature is strong, is represent the most powerful aspect of ZST, the "unity" of the Cybertronian race across the Universe. There even a project on making Cybertron being able to combined with all the planet that currently being colonized by the ZST and all the version of Earth into one big cluster**** giant robot. But that project is canceled, because it just pure absurd.

Current Status Edit

Even through the planet left mostly deserted, the Transformers still cared about their home planet. They often drop by the planet to clean it up. Cybertron are still being used as a storage to store all the excess energy cube, whenever is Energon, Nucleon, Ununtrium. It also a first place that a Cybertronian will take his human wife to visit.

Maybe the planet is outdated, compare to other colony. Cybertron are still an important place in the heart of any Cybertronian. However, after the Fembots are free from their confinement, Cybertron now become their homebase, which they use effectively in their quest to destroy Earth.

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