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Natives: Cybertronians
Various Mechanimals
Tech Age: Space
Ecology: Mechanical/Metal variants of typical features
Series: N/A
Type: Mechanical
Affiliation N/A
Created by Hasbro

The physical body of the Primus and home world of the Cybertronian Race.

Ecology Edit

Cybertron is a metal world covered in Cyberplasm, organic metal which serves as the building block for all its life forms. It is not suited to hold organic life.

It is around the side of Saturn in terms of size, with two moons, Luna 1 and 2

Native Life Forms Edit

The most famous life forms are the Transformers, but other non-sentient mechanical beasts roam the planet. All things born of Cybertron are Spark based life forms

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Trivia Edit

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