Gallus' second-in-command.

Appearance Edit

Cyclos wears purple armor, his helmet sports three points and his chest armor is heavy armor, however the rest is medium level armor. On his forearms he has gatling guns installed, he has wings on his back with thrusters, normally seen on fighters and a rocket launcher mounted on his head. His face has was appears to be a 'beard' but is actually a symptom of old age AND poor maintenance.

Personality Edit

History Edit

Gallus' second-in-command after the fall of their brother

Armaments Edit

  • Gatlins Guns: Mounted on his arms, when the run out they must be manually restocked, usually by his attendants.
  • Claws: He has hone his claws to be able to slice through light ship armor

Trivia Edit

  • His name and appearance are based on Cyclonus from Transformers.

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