Of all the ships the Scourge call their homes, few are as massive as the Dao Stars.

Nature Edit

Gargantuan even for ship, they are clusters of scavenged vessels, from trash or the defeat, brought together and held together by the Linkage, like all other Scourge ships. What separates them from the others, is that they are so massive in scale, they rival space colonies, which are meant to house thousands, if not millions of people.

Dao Stars are where most of the scourge forces are created, and live before going out to conquer.

The Crown Star Edit

Sometimes called the Super Dao Star, this vessel is so massive it is almost immobile. Its names come from both its size and the fact that the Scourge leader ship calls it home. It is the result of several Dao Stars merging together to form a vessel that is at present, almost the size of a planet, or a small moon.

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