The Villains of the Super Robot Academy Series. They are eternal rivals to the heroic Maxigons.


Arising out of the political turmoil caused by Magnus Prime's policies, they were lead by Gigatron, a worker bot turned revolutionary who began his uprising after the battle between Maxion and Magnus Prime.

They were brought down by Powered Magnus' strategies and Alliances with other races. Their war ended at Magnus End with them being forced into exile.

However, at present they are seeking to return to power. They are believe to be connected with the Kishin.


  • Gigatron: Leader of the evil robots known as Darkcons. Gigatron has for unknown reasons been hunting down Primes looking for one in particular.
  • Strifer: Turns into a jet, a lieutenant of Gigatron.
  • Brawn: Turns into a tank: Gigatron's bodyguard and most loyal subordinate.
  • Stalker: Gigatron's best assasin, he is a triple changer with slave bot that turns into an axe.
  • Scrapper: Stalker's slave who turns into a battle axe.
  • Pharmacon: A Darkcon scientist. A major antagonist.
  • Cremateous: Defects to them, transforms into a T-Rex robot.
  • Venomous: Cremateous' lacky, actually his brother, transforms into a giant spider robot.
  • Terrafly: Turns into a Pteradon robot
  • Doppler: Turns into a large carrier helicopter, the scientist of Cremateous' group.
  • Eradicons: Standard Cannon fodder