Darth Saevion's apprentice, a Mirialan formerly known as Virn Takon.


Pilfus has the typical green-yellow skin of her species, etched with a black tattoo across the bridge of her nose and under each eye. She commonly dresses in a black body suit, and an angular helmet with a retractable mask which fully covers her face.


Pilfus is arrogant, but lacks the affability of her master. She is petty, vindictive, conniving, and disrespectful to everyone but Saevion. She considers herself a master lightsaber duelist. The Mirialan also considers Kira Venn as a rival, as well as the dark Jedi Kaul, who planned to kill her in order to become Saevion's apprentice.


Virn Takon's early life is unknown, but at some point she was sold as a slave to the Sith, who had discovered her Force-sensitivity. Upon indoctrination, she trained as a Dark Side Acolyte, and, like her master, quickly rose in rank. Eventually she was taken on as Darth Saevion's apprentice.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

  • Force Sensitive: Pilfus is Force sensitive, which she uses to enhance her lightsaber skills.
    • She is quite skilled with her double-bladed lightsaber.

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