The Deathraze is a powerful weapon of mass destruction involving a lot of lasers and energy.


Several hundreds of lasers surround a more advanced/futuristic version of the RGB Beam Combiner, but due to the sheer amount of energy consuming lasers, inside the Dreadlord, there are several particle accelerators that constantly create antihydrogen, the antimatter counterpart of hydrogen, the most abundant particle in the Universe. And through annihilation, the process of antimatter getting in contact with matter, we get energy. That energy is then used to power all the lasers at different frequencies, allowing them to combine into one giant beam that can cut through planets like a hot knife through butter.


The Deathraze was created for interstellar warfare.


  • This weapon was inspired by Akreious' comment on Ultraman Mercurius' energy beam on Ultrafan.
  • This article was created by the author in a -6°C environment added wind.

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