The Enemies of the Cyberbots, now most destroyed

Code Edit

Followers of Shiny, the Destroids believe wholeheartedly in the belief that mechanoids and humans are the superiors lifeforms. The fact that they haven't seen a human (they live in a different galaxy) means they settle with eradication, enslavement and persecution of all organics.

History Edit

Cyberbots, corrupted, or who latent sense of pride in their mechanical forms which was warped into bigotry. They, like the Otaku Marines, are bigots and are the result of the weak minded being warped to serve Shiny's goals.

Their crimes include:

  • Multiple instances of breaking the Prime Directive.
  • Numerous Sentient Rights violations
    • Slavery
    • Gladiatorial games
    • Torture: The conventional and down right perverse kind.
  • Crimes against the species (Cyberbots)
    • Concentration camps
    • The corruption of unbuilt Sparks.
    • Torture of fellow Mechanoids to make them submit to Shiny.

For these crimes, it is standard galactic law, that all Destroids be killed on sight.

Inevitably, the Destroids started a war with their Cyberbot brothers, implanting a virus to cripple their infrastructure, and attempted to force the Cyberbots to submit to the worship of Shiny. This also left them free to torment the galaxy. However it did not last, and the Cyberbots, along with the more advance organic races, began a counter attack. Most of the counterattack was held back by Shiny.

The final battle, at the Cyberbot homeworld, saw the banishment of Shiny, by SolZen and the decimation of Destroid numbers. At present, the Destroids are no more than a pack of pirates and marauders, being actively hunted by the Cyberbots.

So great is the hatred for the Destroids, that the Cyberbots are willing to put on public executions for the view of the known galaxy.

Known Members Edit

  • Lord Ba Dao: The last known commanding figure from the war.

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