One of the two factions of Super Robots fighting in the third Galactic Robot War.

Appearance Edit

The typical Destroid warrior often has a face plate, and a horned helmet. More often than not, they have spikes on their body, often their shoulder pads, knuckles or forearms.

Ideology and Culture Edit

The Destroids evolved from Super Robots used as weapons, created by an organic race, the same that made the Cyberbots.

The Destroids live to conquer, while Cyberbots build up their infrastructure, they gather their resources by plundering and slave labor. Instead of athletics, or mental pursuits, they amuse themselves with gladiatorial games.

While they have advance technology comparable to the Cyberbots, they are not the scientific kind, with most preferring to be warriors and brutes. Their technology is also destructive. While Cyberbot tech, runs cleanly, theirs causes pollution. Their architecture is also jagged and pointy.

Members Edit

Commanders Edit

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