A substance used to create possibly the most durable circuits in the universe. It is often used for military equipment

Nature Edit

A conductive material created using artificial, super-heavy/unstable elements/atoms in its chemical composition. It comes in two main varieties.

Destronium Alpha is the original version and is effectively an explosive until the formula is finished. It absorbs inertia from movement and a small canister can take down a city block. It is often used in special siege slugs/bullets which have the destructive power of a rocket launcher.

Destronium Beta and Gamma, are the stabilized version of the substance. In exchange for their explosive power, they can hold large amounts of current and are resistant to heat, physical impact and radiation, especially when compared with other metals used for circuits/transistors, such as gold, copper and aluminum. They are also used in Control Crystals.

Trivia Edit

  • Based on a similar substance of the same name from Transformers Animated. in turn that substance is named of Destrons the original Japanese name for the the Decepticons.

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