Premise Edit

A look into the past of Sol.

Part 1 Edit

The stranger camped out in the middle of the desert, beneath the open night sky as the two moons shined, one at a quarter state, the other shining as a full moon. He wore a hooded cape, over basic grey and cream garments. He had a leather belt with numerous pockets and gadgets and a scarf around his neck and shoulders hiding his face. His boots were leather and his had metal pieces on his shoulders. He simply sat there tending the bonfire with a stick, as his things were around him. A bag and a jet bike, seemingly the only things to his name.

Then came the sound of thunder, but it was a storm, even though this world was famous for its sandstorms, no, it was the march of giants, metal giants. The huge robots marched two clearly, common models and a commander. The two more common place variants, had visors and a metal pane for a face, they were grey and orange. Their leader sported black wings, and was more organic in the hard lines of its design.

"Well...?" said a voice via the command robot's radio "Have you decided to surrender...?" The man said nothing. "You cannot, be serious, do you not know what you are up against? My armor was built to destroy to destroy monsters!" The man continued to stoke the fire, throwing in the occasional bit of firewood.

"I have said my peace, leave, or force my hand..." said the stranger.

"Then you leave me no choice..." Behind the red robot's head appeared a handle. It reached back grabbed it and pulled out a mass of armor plating and parts. The device extended out like a telescope with parts moving about to turn it into a gun, which it aimed at the stranger. Inside the barrel, a light glowed and electricity arced as particles appeared and condensed into a sphere. With a wave of electricity inside the barrel, the sphere shot out in the rough shape of a bullet, flying towards the stranger...onto hit a wall of yellow energy that had appeared out of nowhere. The plasma rolled across the surface of the shield before being forced back in a burst of energy.

"That's impossible...!" said one of the two soldiers. They pulled out guns of their own as the stranger stood up. He snapped the stick in half and threw it into the fire.

"So be it..." said the stranger, his green eyes glowing from underneath his hood, but now they turned red and then yellow. That yellow glow surrounded his body and became a tower of swirling energy.

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