A Mechanoid bounty hunter and nemesis of Maxion

Appearance Edit

In robot mode Devus, is a bot with green armor and a yellow cockpit on his stomach. While Cubic, his armor is organic in design. His head sports a silver helmet and a visor. On his are two cylinder shaped objects, his gravity drives.

He turns into a green jet.

Personality Edit

Devus is a devoted warrior and hunter and rarely relent on his hunt. He is honorable, but brutal if needed and dislikes organics. Despite this, he generally acts respectably to all sentient beings, regardless of his opinions, until they give him a reason to be rude.

History Edit

Born on the Mechanoid world of Chromium, Devus took to hunting in the organic regions to search for Maxion. He went looking to capture the bot, before his secrets were leaked to the organics he distrusts.

Weapons and Abilities Edit

  • Defense: He can withstand tank fire and
    • Structural Integrity Field: Stops his armor plating from behind, breaking, etc.
    • Ray Deflector: Defends him against energy blasts
  • Strength: A level twelve strength, he can easily lift several times his weight.
  • Scanners: For tracking his quarry
  • Disruptor Cannons and a Rifle: Fires energy bomb round, noted for have electrical auras. They can devastate matter, by burning/turning into plasma, particularly organic material.
  • Flight: Even in robot mode, he can transform. He uses repulsors, but also gravity drives, giving him incredible thrust and thus speed.

Transformation Edit

  • Bot to Jet: Devus typically jumps into the air. His cockpit slid forward to his crutch and his legs bend back, the upper and lower legs, merging and merging with the side to for the front. His arms to something similar, as his head goes into his chest and his back gravity drives move to what his his shoulders

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