The Moonlit Sorceress, who leads the Lunar Sentinels.

Appearance Edit

Diana wears white armor with blue rims. On her shoulders are spikes and an eye symbol is on her chest. She bears crests on the side of her head and a blue cape with the eye symbol in white. Despite her gender, there is little to visually giver her away as a woman. She is almost always with her white staff.

Personality Edit

Diana is a complicated creature, her study of the Web is greater than most, and she has a somewhat mischievous sense of humor.

Editor Chapter Edit

Noted for having the highest amount of Female Editors, it also sports the highest amount of Web Power Masters. Their colors are blue with white lightening painted on and her Eye Symbol on their chests.

History Edit


Web Powers and Armaments Edit

  • Staff of Diana: A white staff, often used as a physical weapon, it harnesses and focuses her powers.
  • Web Powers:
    • Lightning Bolts: Lightning so powerful it can scar starship hulls and cause most robots to melt.
    • Flash of Light: Which instantly Kills most foes, only other Admins or similarly powerful beings can resist it.
    • Immolation: From setting things on fire, or causing an explosion.

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