Disruptors are a type of directed energy weapon.

Nature Edit

Disruptors work by disrupting molecular bonds, allowing them to easily vaporize a target and on higher setting cause the target itself to explode. This makes them less precise and despite all of their punch they cannot penetrate shields as easily as laser weapons.

Another type of disruptor is used by Maxion. It fires a sphere of energy surrounded by an aura of crackling electricity. This is a photon electron charge, that holds a nuclear magnetic resonance field. Besides reducing typical materials to atoms and/or plasma, it also packs a punch for typical shielding methods.

Appearance Edit

Varies per species/manufacturer.

Unique Disruptors Edit

  • Maxion's Disruptor Rifle, usually stored in his back, in a compact version, it is similar to the turrets he uses.
  • Mechanoid Disruptor Turrets: Used for base defense and Star ship weaponry on large ships.
  • Disruptor Blades: Blades which use disruptor energy

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