Turns into a large carrier helicopter, the scientist of Cremateous' group.


In robot mode, Doppler has his two blades on his shoulders, his copter form's head for chest armor and is a tall bot with average armor. He is a army green bot.


Doppler is smart, where as Solus is smart and helpful, Doppler prefers to use his intellect for his own gains. He personally has no interest in helping other people and is only at the academy for his own goals. He sticks with Crematous' group only to use the bunch for his own end, subtely influencing the predictable creature. Doppler also holds to old age bigotry of some older bots.


Doppler is not a fighter, his lack of concern for the Maxigon cause, means he is not an active participant in fights, instead he stays in the back and plots and schemes for his next move. He has installed in himself, technology he created on his own.

Weapons Tech and Abilities

  • EM Shield/Field generator: His blade can generate EM fields, to block enemy attacks or to short circuit electronics, he can use them to paralyze the average bot.
  • Ethium Harvestor: An illegal weapon, Doppler uses it to draw Ethium from his enemies. A transformed arm
  • Gear Shredder: A saw in place of a hand, the blades can be fired. They are electrically charged to home in on targets.
  • Missile: Usable in both forms, Doppler fires Thermo Rockets, in robot form fromt he side of his chest armor and in vehicle mode from his sides.


  • Vehicle Mode to Robot: His twin blade spin around becoming shoulders as his arms unfold from under them, They mode, making the front the chest and his head pops and the rest of the plane becomes his legs.


Doppler was cold forged, instead of being born from the matrix or a female transformer, he created by an experimental procedure that involved using another live spark to create a new one. While the new spark was created the old one perished. The new bot was raised by the conservative party but was ultimately given up on when the procedure was deemed even less safe for the spark donor than for female transformers.

Doppler grew up to be cold and uncaring bot, having never felt compassion in his life.


  • His name is a reference to the Megaman X antagonist, Dr. Doppler.
  • His design and transformation are inspired from an artbook.