A prominent Vandal clan that hold a vendetta against the Scourge.

Appearance Edit

Dragon Lord wear a suit of power armor which resembled ancient chinese armor suits. They often have chest protectors or badges that resemble the faces of Chinese dragons. The helmets of their commanders are marked first by ponytails and then by ribbons on the shoulders. Their helmets are main tinted glass.

Culture Edit

The Dragon Lords worship what they call 'the Dragon' and seek to spread its veneration which puts them at odds with the Ultra Editors.

Their ranks are

  • Scales: Common Soldier
  • Talons: Commanders, marked by pony tail
  • Fangs: Higher Commanders, Ribbons added
  • Eyes: Special units with Web Powers
  • Heart: Supreme Leader, has a cape.

Due to their past, they hold great hatred for the Scourge.

History Edit

Once Editors from another Wiki Sector, their home was routed and destroyed by the scourge forcing them to fleet to the Ultra Editors' sector and into conflict with them.

Since the arrival of the Scourge, they had shifted their priorities to fighting them

Weapons and Armaments Edit

  • Cinder Blades: Special Katanas that are wrapped in flames


Trivia Edit

  • As the Ultra Editors are based on Space Marines, the Dragon Lords are based on the Eldar.

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