The Drakons are the enemies of Star Empires of the Scorpio Galaxy who seek to enslave the galaxy and eradicate all non Drakon life.

Appearance and Anatomy Edit

They resemble Daleks from Doctor who but have black bodies and grey markings. Their heads resemble Predator helmets and they have retractable hands and triple digit claws that can become energy weapons. Inside they are large masses of green flesh and one eye cybernetically connected to their machines.

Armaments Edit

  • Blasters/Claws: Their claws can morph into energy weapons. These weapons are actually Delta Ray projectors, making them equally dangerous to machines and humans.
  • EM Sheilds: They generate an EM Shield that makes them resistant to conventional arms and typical Imperial Blasters.
  • Mini Uranium Generator: Used to power their platforms' energy demands.
  • Repulsor Wheels: Anti-Gravity movement.

Culture Edit

They view themselves as the ultimate life forms and react very angrily when argued against. They have little emotions besides hatred and belief they have the right to enslave or eradicate all other forms of life.

Upon learning of the origins of the Vandoricons, they view them as the only race worthy of survival as their slaves.

History Edit

The Drakons are Vandoran survivors, who were unable to escape their ruined homeworld after it was blasted by a coalition of species the had angered attacked them. While those that fled departed from the galaxy, those left behind eventually adapted to the ruined landscape. Under the guidance of a mad scientist, they created a form that had 'adapted to centuries of the radiation and toxins in the atmosphere. These beings, intended to be warriors turned on their creators. They later turned to the rest of the galaxy starting a war with the Star Empires, resulting in the collapse of the Covenant of Fire and the absorption of its territories by its rivals.

The combined might of the three star empires, stopped their march and they have since been biding their time to restart their war.

Atlanta Edit

A race from a war torn world, they are the artificially created survivor of that planet. Their goal to enslave, destroy and dominate the galaxy was stopped by the Cyberbots.

Quotes Edit

By Edit

"Drakons do not surrender, we conquer and destroy...!"

"Drakons are perfection incarnate, you Imperials are but a jest to the galaxy, a jest that has grown old and unwelcomed...!"

"Defeat means we have been set back, we survive when all others would perish...!"

Trivia Edit

  • As should be fairly obvious they are based on Dalek's, but in the way you would expect. They are based on The Brain, from Teen Titan (not that awful GO show) cartoon on Cartoon Network, who was based on the Daleks. Their personalities, Dalek.

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