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Alternate Form(s): Sport Car
Age: 25 Billion 1 Million
Height: 10.0m
Weight: 12.2 t
Home world: Astaria
Series: Lord Fanfic Omniverse
Type: Brave Robot
Family Legendra (Mother)
Affiliation Zen Seibertron Teikoku
Created by Legendra
Dran is the son of Legendra and Primus. Since he is the oldest among the Golden Brave, he is their Leader. Also, Dran is Da-Garn good friend.

Personality Edit

He can be described at the man who live for the woman he love and die for her. To Dran his lover is the most sacred thing, and he worship it to the point where he developed a whole way of fighting revolving around her body I'm not kidding about the last part.

Dran have the habit of insulting his enemy mother when fighting them


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