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The Dreadlord is a circular space ship the size of Jupiter.


The Dreadlord was created by an unamed species of aliens from an alternate dimension. Due to their universe being destroyed by a dark being, they were forced to move elsewhere and settle down, though they made weapons just in case. However, they did overkill on the weapon aspect.


  • Deathraze
  • Antimatter bombs
  • Gravity Pulse Bombs
  • Eletromagnetic Pulses (EMP)
  • Vampire Beam (basically a lifeforce extractor)
  • Tractor Beam
  • Machine Guns with Tachyon-Particle-Injected Bullets
  • Alpha-Omega Bombs
  • Hypernova Self Destruct Bomb
  • Self-Repairing and Self Raising Unobtainum Shields (through microbots)

Propulsion SystemsEdit

  • An Infinite Improbability Drive
  • Hyperdrive
  • Hundreds of Quantum Vaccum Thrusters

Energy SourcesEdit

Due to its massive size, it needs a lot of energy.

  • Particle Accelerators
  • Hyper Matter Generator
  • Different Dimension Hypernova Explosion Energy Extractor
  • Life Energy Reactor


  • Living Quarters
  • Hangar
  • Entertainment Lounge
  • Reactor Core
  • Armory
  • Lab
  • Hospital
  • Server Room
  • Engine Room

Operating SystemEdit

Each and every one of the computers on board the Dreadlord is a quantum computer, meaning that it is a super computer. However, as a safety precaution, all the computers have its own individual server and has at least 10 eternity codes protecting it from hacking.

Alternate FormsEdit

  • Planet Form: The form it is most seen in.
  • Battleship Form: Its battle ready form.
  • Robot Form: An unseen robot form.

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