A robot which runs on A.I. It is often used to refer to all robots

Nature Edit

This is not the same as a robot with A.I. Such a construct gives off the illusion of self awareness, but the A.I. is not integral to its programming.

A droid uses A.I. in its primary programming, being able to learn and grow. All 'droids' are semi-sentient, at least and may grow to suffer from Rampancy, if their memory banks are not upgraded enough or subjected to memory wipes.

Types of Droids Edit

  • Astro-mechs: Short for Astro mechanics, these droids often serve as repair crews for star ships.
  • BF series: Large anthrodroids that serve as bodyguards and/or bouncers.
  • ZV Combatdroid:
  • HK-Mechanoids: Created by the Linonians to hunt other Mechanoids

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