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The hardest natural metal in the universe, and the second hardest in the Omniverse. This metal is virtually indestructible and can only be shattered when subjected to great force. Among all the force other than ZST, only T.S.A.B know how shatter it. Due to it rare natural souced, Durabylium are not widely used by any force other than the ZST. Whom know how to mass-produced the metal.

Characteristic Edit

Durabylium is not a living metal, thus can't reproduced itself. However, when Durabylium come in contact with a spark, it become alive and all the molecure inside it will become nanomachine, thus gained the ability to regenerate. The hardness of Durabylium is legendary however, to warm up a thin cup of tea, constructed using Durabylium, the force equal to 4.4 x 10^69 Joules are needed. THAT MEAN THE ZST NEED A FRICKING BIGBANG JUST TO WARM UP THEIR TEA. To merely destroy one mol of matter constructed using Durabylium, an explosion equal to ten gram of ununtrium are needed. The molar mass of Durabylium is 1 gram / mol.

It because of such hardness, the Zen Seibertron Teikoku, whom the standard of weapon is being able to damaged whatever armor they're using right now, resort to use Ununtrium as their reactor standard and decide to make "Mass Produced Ultra Matrix", an reactor with ouput equal to 100 Kilogram of Ununtrium, per second. The real Ultra Matrix, used by the elites have the ouput of 10 ton of Ununtrium, while the " X Core Ultra Matrix" use by the super elites have the ouput of atleast 100 ton.

Since it the hardest metal in the universe. Durabylium is very rare, only 80 ton of Ununtrium ore are known to exist in the Universe. Due such rarity, it value in the market is high. However, to the ZST, Durabylium are worth less than garbage, because they know process to mass-produced Durabylium with a production rate become to absurdly high, everything they use is now Durabylium. Remember the cup of tea, an incident involved a cup of tea and Bigbang actually happen.

The energy required to shatter Ununtrium is so absurd, the T.S.A.B cannot use conventional science to shatter it. They have to construct an alloy of their own, with power equal to durabylium called Tironium using forbidden knowledge and alot of absurdly complicated science, along magic. Due to the complexity of the Metal, alot of resource has to be used. So much that the T.S.A.B whom has conquered the "Negative Omniverse" can only produced at the same production rate of the ZST.

Mass Production Method Edit

Yes, ZST did have the Mass Production method used to mass produced Durabylium. But their method is so absurd, even they think it absurd. The method is invented by Wheeljack, a crazy scientist that are crazy even by ZST scientific standard. And every single ZST scientist are "mad" to some degree.

To mass produced Durabylium a Cybertronian has to put his "stick shift" into a pile of fertillized Durabylium molded by Wheeljack to look exactly like woman reproductive organ. Why .... because Wheeljack is crazy. When he ejacuate , his "CNA" wil be intergrated into the pile of Metal. Then the metal will use his CNA to produced itself. And ..... YES THEY HAS TO IMPREGNANTING THE FRICKING METAL TO MASS PRODUCED IT.


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